Akkir Makina
Machinery Manufacturing and Marketing

As Akkır Makina, since 2017, we have been working in Automotive, Medical, Yurt Defense, Lift manufacturers, Shipyards etc. We serve production sectors such as. Sampa Otomotiv A.Ş., which is at the top of the automotive sector, is one of the reference companies that will make our company strong. We serve them as the main company of 200 different product groups. We continue to research the production and production productions together with the friends in our technical team. For our ongoing production, we continue to add innovation to our processes in the production processes for quality product presentations to our customers, and we are advancing all our process quality control and final quality control processes in this direction, based on the technical documents of our customer companies. In new product processes, we are waiting for the evaluation of the tests by submitting the final control report and material report, which will be produced by the technical drawings test productions from our customer companies. To make our in-production planning according to future mass production forecasts and orders, to take action. In order to serve our customer companies, there are machines in the production track of our company.
• 4 pieces Hummer brand Cnc Automat mak.
• 1 piece of Rayfenk brand Cnc Automat machine.
• 1 piece Quentenk brand Cnc Automat machine.
• 2 pieces Goodway Gls 200 brand Cnc Lathe machine.
• 1 First brand 3 axis milling machine with 1000 units.
• 1 First brand V700 4 axis 750 milling machine.
• 1 piece Nomura brand 20 Cnc Sliding Automat machine.
• 1 piece of 25 tons scrubbing machine.
• 2 pieces of tapping max.
• Countersink drill machines.
• Grinding machines.
• Saw machine.

Timely Production

Wir führen CNC-Auftragsarbeiten sowie Herstellung und Vertrieb durch.

Quality Staff

We provide service with quality Renders in 3D Visualization.

Production Volume

We provide services to our customers in 3D Printer Modeling.

Design R&D

It is at your service to establish and guide you the most accurate engineering structure.

Our Services

In order to meet the rapidly increasing consumption and quality demand of consumers, producers are looking for ways to increase their technology, production techniques and their ability to use time correctly. As SamKav CNC, we are your biggest supporter at this point. With our young, academic and industry educated team; We are ready to work together on production issues such as CNC Mass Production, Design, R & D, 3D Modeling.


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Our company, headquartered in Samsun Kavak, produces serial and contract manufacturing with CNC Automat, Milling and Turning machines. ...

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Corporate firms we serve outsource production in Turkey